Certified by: 

Max. Deadweight:


Min. Design Temp.:


30 mT

3.5 mT


OSB Cargo Lift is a most advanced and cost saving lifting system to transfer cargo, ship to ship or ship to platform, in a safe, efficient and fast way.  OSB Cargo Lift does not only increase the safety of the lifting cycle, but also reduces the transfer time and enlarges the operational window for the transfer, because it can be used under more severe weather conditions.


The connection between the OSB Cargo Lift and the crane is automatically established; no deck personnel is involved what makes the system full safe, which increases the efficiency of the lifting cycle and decreases accidents and required manpower.


The deck supervisor has full control over the lifting cycle using a handheld device, which communicates with the system. 

OSB Cargo Lift is equipped with a solar panel and combines performance and efficiency to create a sustainable system. The system can transfer any offshore container up to 30 mT. Besides offshore containers the system can also be used for various odd sizes.

Upon request, the system can be expanded with a mechanism to bring the lifting point automatically above the center of gravity of the container.

OSB Cargo Lift