OSB Claw

Our OSB Cargo Lift is supported by a unique construction being the OSB Claw. The OSB Claw is a system to receive and sea fasten containers on deck of a supply vessel without any assistance of deckhands.


OSB Claw, suitable for all types of offshore container, is innovative, robust and yet remains a very easy system to use. The robustness allows the system to be used as a guide by the crane operator while placing the container into the OSB Claw on deck of a supply vessel.

OSB Claw is equipped with a security lock system, which guarantees maximum safety for your crewmembers and offshore cargo during transport. If not in use, the system can be folded.


Upon request, the system can be adapted to sea fasten various odd sizes.

Certified by:   


Min. Design Temp.:


2.5 mT


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