Offshore Boarding on RTL-Z's ‘How it’s done’

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On June 1st, Offshore Boarding and its innovative products, which include the unique OBS Shuttle Lift, were featured on ‘How it’s done’, an RTL-Z television program.

'How it’s done' is an informative program in which Offshore Boarding (Maasland, The Netherlands) was given the opportunity to showcase its products. This family-owned company’s mission is to transfer crew members and cargo as safely and efficiently as possible in offshore environments.

Safe and efficient transfer of crew and cargo

For Offshore Boarding, safety and efficiency are key priorities. For example, its OBS Shuttle Lift is able to transfer eight crew members from a supply vessel to an offshore platform, without assistance from deck hands.

This ‘hands-free’ transfer is possible thanks to the OBS Shuttle Lift’s unique landing station. This station can be used as a finder and is sea-proof, as it allows people to get on and off the Shuttle in a safe and stable manner, as the system anticipates and corrects for the 15 degrees’ swell of a ship.

Extensive testing on test location

On the 22nd episode of ‘How It’s Done’, Yvette Ruivenkamp, co-owner of Offshore Boarding, showed how its products are tested extensively at its test site in Hulst, simulating the ‘pitch and roll’ movements that ships make while out at sea.

Sustainability is crucial

This episode of 'How it’s done' focuses on sustainability, which aligns perfectly with Offshore Boarding’s values. All products by Offshore Boarding are completely self-supporting and the energy required for its products is generated through the products’ solar panels.

We would love to tell you more about our innovations

Would you like to find out what its sustainable and innovative products could mean for your company? We’d be more than happy to tell you about it.


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