Offshore Boarding’s history

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Founder of Offshore Boarding is Hans Ruivenkamp. After a career of over 25 years as Director Plant & Logistics for BAM international (previously HBT International) Hans started his own company Jack-up Barge B.V. With this company he realised many jack-up platforms, including a successfully operating drilling rig for NAM (Dutch Oil Company) in the North Sea.

During his long career, Hans experienced a backlog in the transfer of people and cargo from and to platforms at sea. In his opinion, this important area received insufficient attention and efficiency and safety should increase to a far higher level.

Offshore Boarding’s mission

With that in mind, our company Offshore Boarding B.V. was established in 2016. Our mission is to achieve optimal safety and efficiency in offshore operations by offering innovative and smart support services for the offshore industry.

We reflected our mission by developing a number of 'hands-free' technical systems, which increase the operating window, the safety and the efficiency of the offshore transfer process. In our current product range you will find amongst others the unique OB Shuttle Lift.

Team of highly experienced specialists

Although Offshore Boarding was founded recently, our management team consists solely of highly experienced specialists with a proven track record in developing and producing innovative products for the offshore industry.

You will find that, as the OB Shuttle Lift, all our tools are fully automated. They do not require manual handling by deckhands, which allows a safer, faster and more cost effective operation.


We are looking forward to informing you about our innovative product range. Please call us for more information or an appointment or leave your message and we will get in touch with you.

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