Safety first with the OSB Shuttle Lift

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Offshore Boarding is all about improving the safety and efficiency of your offshore operations with the latest techniques and most innovative offshore tools. Safety is always one of our main priorities, especially when it concerns the safety of your crewmembers.

For exactly that reason, we developed the OSB Shuttle Lift. This innovative transfer tool contains the most advanced techniques and is the safest system available anywhere for crew transfers.

The OSB Shuttle Lift transfers crewmembers from ship to platform or from ship to ship. Safe, efficient and fast. The Shuttle can carry up to 8 persons in one go. For the luggage of your crew, we integrated watertight compartments.

Like all our products, the OSB Shuttle Lift functions completely self-supporting thanks to the attached solar panels.

Incomparable docking station

The OSB Shuttle Lift comes with a uniquely designed docking station. The station guides the Lift flawlessly to the point of landing and stabilizes the Lift to ensure your crew to get on and off the Lift safely and in a controlled setting. If necessary, the docking station can be easily removed from deck and placed in storage.

No deckhands are needed! The connection between the OSB Shuttle Lift and the crane is established automatically, which results in an extremely safe, efficient and cost reducing procedure. The deck supervisor has full control over the lifting cycle using a handheld device, which communicates with the OSB Shuttle Lift.

Certified by Lloyds

The OSB Shuttle Lift is certified by Lloyds Register. A recent witness test by Lloyds, showed that the landing station, performs even better than expected. The station absorbs the heave, pitch & roll extremely well, due to the retaining guides of the spring on the landing station.

Want your own Shuttle Lift?

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