OB Shuttle Lift

The safety of crewmembers is the most valuable issue on board for each offshore construction. The OSB Shuttle Lift is a state of the art and the most advanced system you can find for crew transfers.


OSB Shuttle Lift is a tool to transfer crewmembers, ship to platform or ship to ship, in a safe, efficient and fast way. The system is designed to carry up to 8 persons in one go, including their luggage in watertight compartments. The seats are equipped with safety belts and shock absorbers. Furthermore the OSB Shuttle Lift as a whole is equipped with shock absorbers, but also with a self-inflating device, which makes it unsinkable.

The uniquely designed docking station, guides the shuttle to the point of landing and ensures a safe landing. If necessary, the docking station can be easily removed from deck and placed in storage.

The connection between the shuttle and the crane is automatically established no deckhands are needed. The deck supervisor has full control over the lifting cycle using a handheld device, which communicates with the OSB Shuttle Lift.

Certified by: 

Max. Deadweight:


Min. Design Temp.:


10 mT

3.0 mT